The ReMOTE LE is not recognised by my PC.

Applies to: ReMOTE LE

The ReMOTE LE is a USB class compliant MIDI device. This means you can connect it to your computer and use it without needing to install a driver. With a PC, it uses the MIDI part of the Windows USB Audio Device driver which is installed with Windows (you must have Windows XP SP2 or later). If the ReMOTE LE is using this driver then it will appear as 'USB Audio Device' and not 'ReMOTE LE' where you select it as a MIDI device in your music software.

If the ReMOTE LE does not appear as a MIDI input or output in your music software then something may have interfered with the Windows USB Audio Device driver on your computer. Some third-party installers for products that use the same driver may alter the Windows registry and cause this problem. The main culprits seem to be webcams with microphones.

To get round this problem you can install the latest Novation USB drivers, available from the ReMOTE LE downloads page, which offer dedicated support for the ReMOTE LE. Run the driver installer with the ReMOTE LE disconnected from your computer. When prompted by the installer, select 'ReMOTE LE' from the list of Novation products and then continue installation. Once the installer has finished, connect the ReMOTE LE to your computer and turn it on, then wait a few seconds for Windows to install the device. It will then appear as 'ReMOTE LE' in your music software.

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