How to assign controls on the ReMOTE

Applies to: ReMOTE

Here is an example of assigning a control:

If you wanted to control the cutoff frequency on the Novation V Station software synthesiser using a particular pot on the Remote so that the pot only swept the values between 20 and 80 then first it would be necessary to create a V station track in a sequencer and set its MIDI input to 'ReMOTE'. Then take the following steps on the ReMOTE:

  • Press the 'edit' button to go into template edit mode.
  • Move the knob you want to assign.
  • Change the control type to 'CC' using the 'data/value' knob.
  • Press page up and set the control Number to 105 using the 'data/value' knob [Note: CC 105 controls filter cutoff on the V Station - to control a different parameter on a different device you will have to consult the manual to see what MIDI messages it receives]
  • Press page up and select the pot mode using the 'data/value' knob
  • Press page up and set the low value to 20 using the 'data/value' knob
  • Press page up and set the high value to 80 using the 'data/value' knob
  • Press page up and set the MIDI channel to whatever channel the V Station is set to receive on [Note: you can set this to whatever you like and then use the 'inst channel' buttons to set a global channel for all controls]
  • Press page up and select the MIDI out port(s) for the data from that control to be sent to
  • -Press page up and enter a control name (e.g. cutoff) using the data/value knob and the 'cursor' buttons
  • Press 'write' four times to save the changes you have made to the template - you can name the template here.

There is already a V station template in the Remote so this process is not necessary for controlling the V Station but to control a synth for which there is not already a template you will need to create a new one and map all controls in the same way as described above. You will need the manual for the other synth to tell you what MIDI messages the parameters on the synth respond to so you can program each of the controls on the Remote to send the appropriate parameter.

Programming all of the controls on the Remote can be a lengthy process which is why we have developed the Remote Template Editor (free to download from the downloads section). This allows you to do all of your control programming simply and quickly on the computer and then upload the template to the Remote, rather than going through all the menus on the small screen of the Remote.

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