The difference between a Mono arpeggiator and a Poly arpeggiator

Applies to: Nova, Nova II, SuperNova, SuperNova II

A mono arpeggio (user patterns < 64) will play the individual notes from a played chord one at a time in a particular order. If a C major triad is played, the arpeggiator will play the C, E and G notes from this chord in an order determined by the arpeggio pattern. The simplest type of pattern is "up" or "down", these will play:

  • C,E,G,C,E,G,C,E,G,C,E,G


  • G,E,C,G,E,C,G,E,C,G,E,C,G,E,C,G,E,C


A polyphonic arpeggio (user patterns > or = 64) acts as a transposing arpeggio. A single note or a chord can be transposed by a programmable amount on each step of an arpeggio. The single note or chord acts a "root note". If a 4 step polyphonic arpeggio was programmed 1,1,1,5 and then holding the note C0 will play:

  • C0, C0, C0, F0

Holding D3min triad will play:

  • D3min, D3min, D3min, G3min
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