How to use loops or rolls with Serato Scratch Live.

Applies to: Dicers

You need to analyse the BPM of the track before you can use the looping features of Scratch Live. In general, this is required for any looping features for Serato. You can analyse BPM in one of two ways:

1) Automatically

Run Scratch Live *without* the Rane hardware interface connected. You will see a button labelled 'Analyse Files'. Make sure 'set auto BPM' is enabled. You can then press the 'Analyse Files' button and leave it chugging away on your entire music library. This can take a while depending on how many tracks you have in your library.

2) Manually

To manually set BPM for a single track during normal use, click on the TAP button on the deck section and tap out the tempo of the track. You can do this with or without your Rane Scratch Live hardware connected. Once a BPM number appears, the BPM is then set for the track.

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