Upgrading Pro Tools with Automap

Applies to: Automap

Before installing new Pro Tools upgrades please ensure that you have un-wrapped (un-ticked) all RTAS plugins in the Automap Plugin Manager.

To do this please open Automap, on the Software Setup page in the bottom left corner you will find the plugin manager with a list of available plugin formats. Click on RTAS and un-tick all of your RTAS plugins (you can select all plugins by pressing ctrl-a or cmd-a). Once this is done all your Pro Tools plugins will have been un-wrapped.

You may now install your Pro Tools upgrade. Once the Pro Tools upgrade has been installed you may re-wrap all of your RTAS plugins using the Automap plugin manager.

Now when you open Pro Tools you will find that all RTAS plugins are controllable using Automap. If this procedure is not followed correctly you may be unable to control your RTAS plugins or may experience disabled plugins in your Pro Tools sessions.

If you are updating to Pro Tools 11 or above, you will not be able to control your plug-ins with Automap. Pro Tools 11 only supports AAX plug-ins and Automap does not support the AAX plug-in format.

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