How to check which USB devices are connected to specific hubs / buses on your system.

Applies to: All products

Where possible, we recommend using your Novation products on their own internal USB hubs/busses.

To check whether your devices are on separate USB buses please follow these guidelines:


1. Click on the Apple Symbol > About this Mac..

2. Click on 'More Info'

3. Select Hardware > USB and identify whether your USB devices are sharing the same bus. Some of these buses are internal, however some ports reside on different buses, which could resolve your issue. This depends on the hardware spec of the Mac however. Please bear in mind that two USB ports does NOT equal two separate buses. In this instance, the Twitch USB number here is 0x3d


1. Click on Start > Control Panel

2. Select System > Device Manager

3. On PCs, USB 'buses' are referred to as hubs. Identify your USB devices in Sound, Video and Game Controllers (or alternatively directly on the USB hubs) in this case the Nocturn and Xio. The Nocturn is connected to Port_#0001 and is on Hub_#0004 (circled in screenshot).

NB. For XP / Vista users please navigate via:

Start > System > Hardware > Device Manager

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