How do I change bank and patch on the Ultranova/MiniNova from Ableton Live?

Applies to: UltraNova, MiniNova

To change bank/patch on the Ultranova from Live:

  1. On a MIDI channel set MIDI To to 'Ultranova' or 'MiniNova.
  2. Create a MIDI clip on the MIDI channel.
  3. Click on the clip to edit it.
  4. Under 'Notes' at the bottom of the screen use the Sub-Bank and Program boxes to select bank and patch. Please note that Bank A corresponds with Sub-Bank 2 in Live, Bank B with Sub-bank 3 and so on. Patch 000 on the Ultranova/MiniNova corresponds with Program 1 in Live, patch 001 with program 2 and so on.

The bank/patch on the Ultranova/MiniNova will change as soon as the MIDI clip is played.

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