Studio One : Impulse Guide

Applies to: Impulse, Automap

This article assumes that you have already followed the Studio One DAW Setup guide via the Automap Setup procedure that is prompted by launching Automap.

Impulse 49/61

If the MIXER button is lit your faders will control the volume sliders in Studio One.

NOTE: Is is not possible to use the 9th fader to control your main mix volume as this is not supported by HUI. We hope to add this feature in the future as we tighten our intergration with Studio One.

By default the buttons underneath the faders will toggle the MUTES in Studio One. Hitting the SOLO/MUTE button on the Impulse hardware will switch them to controlling the SOLOS.


Aside from the loop function which is not supported by HUI, the transport controls on the Impulse will control REWIND, FAST-FORWARD, STOP, PLAY & RECORD in Studio One without any further configuration.

Impulse encoders

When the Plugin button is lit the encoders on your Impulse will control your 3rd party plug-ins. Automap will map the plug-in parameters automatically, but the map can be customised if desired by selecting EDIT MAPPING from the Automap Menu.

Impulse 25

You can control the Studio One mixer via the encoders by putting them into MIXER mode. To do this, press the Plugin and MIDI buttons simultaneously. Simply hit the Plugin button to regain control of your Automap wrapped plugin. To control the PANS in Studio One, you will need to open the mapping window and page up/down. Impulse 49/61

Pressing Plugin & MIDI simultaneously on the larger Impulse models will switch the encoders to controlling the PANS instantly. Again, pressing the Plugin button will take you back to controlling your plugins.

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