My Launchpad (Mk2) is not connecting to my iPad

This applies to the Launchpad Mk2

The Launchpad (not the Original Launchpad or Launchpad S) requires you to use a Powered USB Hub to connect to an iPad. To accomplish this, connect it in the following order:

  • Use a USB cable (USB A to USB B) to connect the Launchpad Mk2 to a port on the powered USB hub
  • From another port on the powered USB hub, connect a USB cable to the Apple Camera Connection Kit
  • Connect the Apple Camera Connection Kit to the iPad

Using the method above, you will need an additional USB cable. Depending on the ports on the powered USB hub you have, the cable will either need to be USB A (male) to USB B (male) or USB A (male) to USB A (male).


This method applies to two different models of the Apple Camera Connection Kit, linked below.

Lightning to USB adaptor

Lightning to USB 3 adaptor


With the USB 3 Camera Connection Kit, you can also connect you standard Apple Lightning charger to charge the iPad.

*This pertains only to the Launchpad released in 2015, with RGB Pads

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