The top InControl button on my Launchkey MK2 keeps toggling off when pressed

This applies to the Launchkey Mk2 (RGB)

If you are having problems with the top InControl button turning off when you use it in Live, you will need to ensure you have at least firmware version 140 on your Launchkey MK2.

To Check the firmware version, hold the 'TRACK <' and 'TRACK >' buttons below the LCD screen and conenct the USB cable. You'll now see 'btl' on the LCD screen which means 'bootloader'. Press the 'TRACK >' button twice and you'll see 'Fr' on the screen, press the 'record' button in the transport section of the Launchey and the LCD will show you which firmware version is installed.

If this is less than version 140, please download the Firmware Updater from the Downloads page for the Launchkey MK2, then run it with the device connected to update the firmware.


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