Can I sell songs I make using Launchpad for iOS?

This applies to the Launchpad App, as well as the Free Loopmasters Sample Pack

All the samples included in the Launchpad app are either 'Loopmasters' samples or 'Ninja Tune' samples.

Loopmasters sounds

You can find the Loopmasters license agreement here.

They've also got a great guide on the subject here.

As a summary, all of the Loopmasters samples included with the app are royalty free. In terms of the license, you can use them in your tracks and don't owe money to Loopmasters or Novation. The only thing you can't do is make the samples available individually again. For example, if you upload a track that is just ONE drum loop on its own, this isn't allowed. If you add a guitar loop over the top of this, that's allowed! As long as you have two or more loops playing at one time, that's fine.

For further details on using Loopmasters samples, you should contact Loopmasters directly as they're the licensor of the samples.

Ninja Tune artist series soundpacks

You cannot sell or make available for public download any tracks made using the the Ninja Tune artist series soundpacks. These soundpacks have a different end user licence agreement which you can find here.

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