When I use Automap with Reaper, I get the MIDI error "The following MIDI inputs could not be opened..."

Applies to: Automap

If you get the following error message when trying to run Reaper with Automap, it's likely that your "Automap HUI" ports are being used in multiple places.

Automap Reaper HUI error message

In order to use Automap and Reaper correctly, please open your Reaper > Options > Preferences page and select the Audio > MIDI Devices tab. You should find that the Device "Automap HUI" is Enabled as an input and an output device. These ports need to be disabled and the instructons below show how to do this:

Disable Automap HUI MIDI Device.

Once you've disabled these ports as MIDI Devices, "Apply" the settings, restart Reaper and work back through the Automap DAW setup guide for Reaper. It will now be possible to use "Automap HUI" as a HUI control surface as it's no longer being used as a MIDI Device and so the conflict causing the previous error message is no longer present.

Apply settings

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