How to Record Automation From My MiniNova's Animate Pads in Cubase?

Applies to: MiniNova

- Open Cubase

- Go to "Devices" > "Device Setup"

 Cubase Device Setup

- Go to "Midi Port Setup" and check that the MiniNova Midi ports are ticked as follows:

 Cubase MiniNova Midi Port Setup

- Right click your Cubase and select "Add Instrument Track"

 Cubase Add Instr. Track

- Select the "MiniNova Editor" and "Add Track"

Cubase Add MiniNova Editor 

- Click on "Show/Hide Automation"

Cubase Show/Hide Automation 

- By default, "Volume" should show as an automateable parameter. Please click on the drop down menu and select "More"

Cubase Automation More 

- Add a parameter from within the "MiniNova Editor" as shown below:

Cubase Add MiniNova Editor Automation 

- Select the "Animate" automations

Cubase MiniNova Animate Automation

- Enable "Write Automation" on the track

Cubase MiniNova Write Automation 

- Press "Record"

Cubase Record

- Press "play" and listen back to the result!

Cubase Playback MiniNova Automation

 Should you have any further queries, then please don't hesitate to contact our support.

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