When I set the Gate Length of the MiniNova’s Arpeggiator too long it cuts off notes

Applies to: MiniNova

This behaviour will only appear when playing one note. This happens because the note lengths are longer than the length of the Arpeggiator’s beat length, so they overlap. Then, when the first note is turned off, it turns off any note with the same pitch, causing shorter notes.

The reason this is included is to support legato playing with the polyphony mode “Mono AG” (AutoGlide). If the notes did not overlap, then there would be no possibility of portamento between notes.

If you are trying to achieve overlapping notes of the same pitch whilst using the Arpeggiator, setting the gate length to over 100 will not work. A much better solution is to change the Amplitude Envelope’s Release so that the length of the envelope is longer than the length of the Arpeggiator’s beat length.

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