How do I get LED feedback in user 1 mode of my Launchpad in Live 9?

Applies to: Launchpad S, Launchpad mini

In order to get LED feedback to your Launchpad in user 1 mode, you need to create a MIDI track that takes MIDI data played on the Launchpad and feeds it back to light the pads on the Launchpad again.

First, your Ableton Live MIDI Sync preferences should be set as shown here:

Launchpad Live MIDI Sync


Next, you'll need two MIDI tracks in Ableton Live. We need to configure the MIDI inputs and outputs of these tracks so we'll need to open our I-O options in Live using the I-O button here:

Ableton Live IO option


Now, set the 'MIDI From' of your first track to 'Launchpad Input', leave the channel on 'All Channels', set 'Monitor' to Auto' and 'MIDI To' to 'No Output'. For the second track, set 'MIDI From' as '1-MIDI' (this is the first MIDI track), 'Monitor' to 'In' and 'MIDI To' to 'Launchpad Output' and 'Ch. 1'. Next, record enable the first track and we're nearly ready! Your track I-O should look like this:

Ableton MIDI track settings

If you are using the Launchpad Mk2 you will need to set 'MIDI From' as '1-MIDI' (this is the first MIDI track), 'Monitor' to 'In' and 'MIDI To' to 'Launchpad Output' and 'Ch. 6'


Finally, press the 'user 1' button on the Launchpad to put it into 'user 1' mode and when you press the pads, you should see the pads that you press light up when you play them!

What's happening here is the MIDI data from the Launchpad is being input to our first MIDI track, the second MIDI track is taking this MIDI data and feeding it back to the Launchpad which triggers the LEDs to light under whichever pad you press.

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