How to restore the factory patches on Bass Station II using a Mac.

 Applies to: Bass Station II

*Please be aware this will initalize all User presets too*

(To save your User presets, follow the 'How to export User presets on Bass Station II '.)

Download/install the Bass Station II Librarian software for you computer. This can be found by clicking here.

Ensure you have connected Bass Station II via USB to your computer and that it is powered on. Open the Bass Station II Librarian software.

When the Bass Station II hardware is properly detected by the software, there will be a dropdown under "My Bass Station II" that shows a folder called "Sounds". This is where the current patches on the hardware are listed.


The Factory Default patches can be found in the "Sounds" folder within "Factory Defaults" (image above). To upload all the default patches, click/drag the "Sounds" folder under "Factory Defaults" to the "Sounds" folder under "My Bass Station II". This will begin to overwrite any previous content. The Bass Station II may flicker while uploading, but make sure to not power off during the process.


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