Launchkey and Launchpad App Sync Overview

Applies to: Launchpad app, Launchkey app

When enabled, the Launchkey app will synchronise its tempo and arpeggiator to the Launchpad app.

To achieve this, the Launchpad app has to be playing. This means that when you first start the apps you will not be able to turn on the Launchkey arpeggiator until you have begun playback in the Launchpad app.
N.B. If sync is set to “No sync” then the arpeggiator can be turned on at any time

When the arpeggiator is turned on, the ON button will flash until the defined sync point (Bar/Beat) at which point the arpeggiator will enable.

The Launchpad app will automatically send the project tempo to the Launchkey app, to ensure that they can play in a synchronised fashion. Therefore under these conditions you may not change the tempo of the Launchkey app. Disable sync if you wish to change the Launchkey tempo.

When loading a new project in the Launchpad app, the tempo of the new project will be sent to the Launchkey app. However, you must re-enable the arpeggiator in the Launchkey app by pressing the ARP ON button.

NOTE: When synchronisation with Launchpad is established, an illuminated LED in the ARP panel will indicate this. A constant LED means that the Launchpad transport is not running. Otherwise it will flash in time with the Launchpad tempo. This same LED can be found in the LAUNCHPAD section of the Settings menu (where it says “Sync locked to Launchpad app”).

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