Changes made to the RTAS wrapper in Automap 3.3 onwards

Applies to: Automap

To avoid problems occuring in Pro-Tools when you install an update for a plug-in already Automap enabled, we have changed the way that Automap wraps RTAS plug-ins in version 3.3 (note: VST and AU are not affected).

You may find that upon installing the latest version of Automap , you are asked to re-wrap your Pro-Tools plug-ins, this is a one-off operation and will not need to be repeated.

In version 3.3, when an RTAS plug-in is wrapped, the original plug-in is being copied in the following directory:

Mac : HD/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins (Unused)/Automap Plug-Ins/

PC : C:/Program Files/Common Files/Digidesign/DAE/Plug-Ins (Unused)/Automap Plug-Ins/

Please DO NOT manually alter the content of the above folder, this is because in most situations, Automap's Plug-In Manager will be able to handle this task.

The automapped version of your RTAS plug-ins will appear in the normal directories under the same file name. The simplest way to tell whether a plug-in is automapped or not is via Plug-In Manager or check the file size, (an automapped .dpm is normally approx. 356kB on a Mac and 161 on a PC).

When you do update an RTAS plug-in, just install it as normal and re-wrap it in Plug-In Manager once the update has been made.

Also, downgrading version of Automap is not advised, as it may have other consequences to your RTAS plug-ins. Always use the latest version of Automap.

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