Controlling tempo in Ableton Live from the ReMOTE SL.

Applies to: ReMOTE SL

There are two ways to control the tempo in Live from the ReMOTE SL:


The ReMOTE SL has an internal clock which you can sync Live to. This way when you change the tempo of the internal clock the tempo in Live will follow, no matter which template is selected. To set the SL up to send MIDI Clock press the 'global' button to enter the global menu and make sure the following are set:

USBaTo - M1 M2
USBbTo - M1 M2
MClk-To - Ub
BPMPorts - OFF

Press 'write' to save the settings and then 'play' to return to play mode. The ReMOTE SL will now be sending MIDI clock on USB Port 2 so in the Live MIDI/Sync preferences leave the settings as shown in the Automap Universal Guide pdf (page 19) except for in the 'sync' column turn output port 1 off and ONLY input port 2 on.

To get Live to sync to incoming MIDI clock you need to click 'EXT' in the top-left corner of the main Live window. When you do this you will no longer be able to use the transport controls in Live and the only way you can start and stop Live is by sending system realtime messages. You will therefore need to assign some buttons on the ReMOTE SL to send these messages. The bottom row of buttons on the left-hand side of the SL are unassigned in the Live Automap template so use three of these. Switch to the Live Automap template (template 40), then press and hold the 'edit' button and press the button you want to assign to bring up its settings on the left-hand display. Set the following:

LowVal: RT-Start
HighVal: [this does not matter]
Ports: ComnPort
MidiChan: ComnChan
BtnType: Normal (scroll up to access this parameter)

Repeat the process for two other buttons but instead set their LowVal to 'RT-Contu' (continue) and 'RT-Stop'. Once you have set these buttons up press 'write' three times to save the settings and 'play' to return to play mode. Now when you click 'EXT' in Live you must use these three buttons for transport control. The tap tempo button and data select encoder will control tempo no matter which template is selected.


It is possible to use Live's MIDI Learn feature to assign a control on the ReMOTE SL to the tempo in Live. To do this click 'MIDI' in the top right-hand corner of the Live window, click on the tempo box and then operate the control on the SL you want to assign to it. It will now be mapped and you can click 'MIDI' once more to exit Live's MIDI learn mode. Note that the control on the SL that you want to assign must be set to send MIDI CC messages when operated and the CC number should not be set to the same as any other control on the ReMOTE SL.

If you are using the Live Automap template then only the pots are available to map to parmaters in Live as all other controls have Automap functions. If you want to use a slider or encoder on the Live Automap template to control tempo then set its 'Ports' setting to 'Ua' so that it is no longer recognised as an Automap control before learning it to tempo. To do this press and hold the 'edit' button and operate the control you want to edit to bring up its settings on the left-hand display. Set 'Ports' to 'Ua', press 'write' 3 times to save the template and then press 'play' to retur to play mode.

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