How do I reset the Xio to its factory settings?

Applies to: Xio

There is no hardware factory reset function on the unit itself since the factory OS, templates, patches and global settings are not stored on a memory chip inside the unit. There are two stages to resetting the unit; reloading the factory templates and reloading the factory patches. Both of these can be done with the Xio Template Editor which is free to download from the Xio downloads page. Follow these steps to reset the Xio:


1. Download the 'Xio Templates and Resources' from the Xio downloads page.

2. Connect the Xio to your computer and turn it on, then open the Editor. If the welcome dialog appears select 'Send bulk dumps to and from your Xio'. After this you may be prompted to select a MIDI input and output device. Select 'Xio' for both and then click 'OK'. If the welcome dialog does not appear then select 'Select MIDI input/output device...' from the 'Device' menu, choose 'Xio' in both menus and then click 'OK'. Next select 'Bulk Dumps...' from the 'Device' menu.

3. In the Bulk Dumps window click 'Open...' and locate the file 'XIOSYNTH_ALL_FACTORY_TEMPLATES.blk' in the folder downloaded in step 1.

4. Press the 'global' button on the Xio to enter the global menu and scroll to the 'Memory Protect' page. Set this to OFF then press 'write' to save the setting and 'play/synth' to return to play mode. Make sure the Xio is in template mode using the 'play/synth' button.

5. Click 'Upload' in the Bulk Dumps window to send the templates to the Xio. Once the patches have finished uploading click 'OK' to exit the Bulk Dumps window.

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