What is the difference between the Supernova and Supernova II?

Applies to: SuperNova, SuperNova II

The Supernova is a 20 voice, 8 part multitimbral synth with 512 program and 256 performance memory locations.

The Supernova II is 8 part multitimbral and comes preset with 512 programs and 256 performances but also has additional memory for a further 512 programs and 256 performances, ready to be filled with user sounds.

The base model for both units is 24 voice polyphonic. This can be expanded to 44 voices on the Supernova or to either 36 or 48 voices on the Supernova II, by adding an appropriate expansion card.

Different expansion cards were made for the Supernova and Supernova II. The expansion card for the Supernova also adds an extra 512 program and 256 performance memory locations. The Supernova II has other features which make it more powerful than the original:

  • External input and vocoder
  • Finer control over unison mode (detune), oscillator drift (VCO emulation) and dual filter separation.
  • More tempo synced parameters
  • Improved effects algorithms, particularly better chorus/phaser including ensemble,quad chorus and rotary speaker emulations
  • Oscillators have FM
  • LFO has 'slew' to round off lumpy lfo shapes
  • Comb filter that can be swept via an LFO (which can be tempo synced)
  • Envelopes have loopable A/D stages, and can be set to more complex shapes than just ADSR
  • Drum mode for playing sounds as 'one shot' types
  • Dedicated drum maps & drum sounds
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