I get a 'Packet Error' when updating the OS on my ReMOTE SL from my PC.

Applies to: ReMOTE SL

If you are running the latest version of Automap 3 installer and the SL display is showing 'PACKET ERROR' when the operating system is being updated then it is best to try loading in the OS using MIDI-OX. MIDI-OX is a comprehensive MIDI utility and is free to download from here. Once you have downloaded and installed MIDI-OX follow these steps to update the OS on the ReMOTE SL:

1. Download the relevant attachment in this article which contains the SL operating system, along with the templates and globals. Be sure to download the correct files for your specific unit depending on whether you have a Zero SL or a keyboard version of the SL. 2. Disconnect all USB devices from your computer apart from the ReMOTE SL and launch the MIDI-OX application.

3. Select 'MIDI Devices...' from the 'Options' menu and select port 1 of the SL in the Input and Output lists (as shown in screenshot 1) then click 'OK'.

4. Select 'Sysex...' from the 'View' menu to open the sysex window and then select 'Load file' from the 'Command Window' menu (see screenshot 2). Select the OS file downloaded in step 1.

5. To get the SL ready to receive the OS press the 'global' button to enter the global menu, scroll up to 4th page with the top left hand "page scroll" button and press the button under 'USBa O/S receive'. Then press the page scroll button one more time to confirm that you want to update the OS.

6. Select 'Send Sysex...' from the Command Window menu (see screenshot 3). You will see a progrsss bar appear in MIDI-OX whilst the file is sending.

7. If you get a packet error then increase the 'Low Level Output Buffer Size' by selecting 'Configure...' from the 'Sysex' menu in the sysex window. Try 1024 and if that doesn't work keep on doubling it until the update completes.

If you are still getting packet errors after trying the above steps then try updating the ReMOTE SL on another computer following the same method outlined above.

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