How do I turn off the ReMOTE SL Tempo LED?

Applies to: ReMOTE SL

The tempo indicator LED will flash at the tempo that the ReMOTE SL is running at. If you are not using the tempo controls on the ReMOTE SL and want to turn it off, the following steps will stop it from flashing.

  1. Press 'Global' to enter the SLs Global menu. 
  2. Use either of the 'Page up' buttons to get to the 'Global Parameter Edit' page. 
  3. Change the 'MidiCLk' setting to an external source e.g. 'MIDI-IN' (choose a source that will not be receiving MIDI Clock). 
  4. Press 'Write' to save the global settings. 

Now if you restart the unit the LED should no longer flash.

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