How does the ReMOTE SL differ from the original ReMOTE series?

Applies to: ReMOTE, ReMOTE SL

The SL has all the popular features of the original ReMOTE, such as the Touchpad, un-lockable joystick, fantastic semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, onboard Templates, array of assignable controls, including dedicated Transport controls, plus two major life-changing innovations.

The first is two giant LCD screens, which run across the entire length of the SL, displaying up to 16 parameter names and values simultaneously.

The next major difference is the Automap technology that is set to bring MIDI controlling out of the dark and revolutionise the way music is created. Lastly, there are 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads on the ReMOTE SL, a brand new assignable controller type for Novation, perfect for sketching out drum patterns and creating a dynamic performance.

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