What are the differences between the LE and the original ReMOTE?

Applies to: ReMOTE, ReMOTE LE

The ReMOTE LE is physically shorter and less deep than the ReMOTE. This means that there are fewer controls available on the more compact ReMOTE LE, namely 9 pots and 9 buttons compared to the 8 pots, 8 faders, 8 encoders and 24 buttons available on the ReMOTEs.With the ReMOTE LE, however, clever design means that a Group B switch effectively doubles these available controls so that there are actually 18 assignable pots and 18 assignable buttons available for each Template.

Both the ReMOTE LE and ReMOTE series offer the Touchpad, pitch/mod joystick and Transport Controls as assignable controls for each Template too.

The other main difference is the keys used, the ReMOTE series has the highest quality keys on the market and the ReMOTE LE has a new design, with a different but still high quality weighted action but no aftertouch.

Another difference is the amount of MIDI control; the LE has only 1 MIDI Out to connect to external MIDI equipment compared to the ReMOTEs 2 MIDI Outs, 1 MIDI Thru and 1 MIDI In. The ReMOTE LE also has only 16 onboard Templates compared to the ReMOTEs 64.

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