The sustain/expression pedal is not working when the X-Station is in template mode - is it assigned?

Applies to: X-Station

If you are using a sustain/expression pedal and controlling a plug-in or other MIDI device using the X Station in template (MIDI control) mode, but the pedal has no effect then it may not be assigned or may be assigned incorrectly. Note that the X-Station synth will automatically recognise input to the sustain/expression input jacks and treat them as such but in template mode this is not the case since any one of a range of MIDI messages can be assigned to pedals, as with pots, sliders and butons.

To assign a pedal enter control edit mode by presing the 'template edit' button and press the pedal to bring up its MIDI control parameters. Depending on what type of pedal it is, ensure the following is set for normal sustain/expression control:

For Sustain:

  • Control Type - CC
  • Control Num - 64
  • Button Type - Toggle
  • Low Value - 0
  • High Value - 127

For Expression:

  • Control Type - CC
  • Control Num - 11
  • Low Value - 0
  • High Value - 127

The action of the pedal can be inverted by setting the low and high values the other way round. You will need to ensure this assignment for each template with which you use the pedal - make sure you save the template by pressing the 'write' button after editing the parameters!

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