When I power up my ReMOTE the display shows 0 octave.

Applies to: ReMOTE

To solve this calibrate the aftertouch and then the Remote will recognise what size it is. To do this press the 'global' button to enter the global menu and press page up until you get to the 'Cal Aftertouch' Page. Press the top and bottom keys of the Remote at the same time and you will see the number of keyboard octaves on the unit appear on the left hand side of the screen. To calibrate the aftertouch press a key down hard (as far as it will go) and hold it there - the number in the middle of the display will shoot up to 127.  With the key held down rotate the 'data/value' knob and set the value on the left to the point where the middle value just turns to 127. Once you have done this press 'write' to save the calibration. Now when you turn on the unit it will recognise what model it is.

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