Will updating my Supernova operating system from OS3 to OS4.1 corrupt my sounds?

Applies to: SuperNova

When a new OS is loaded into a Novation synthesizer, the first thing the OS will do is rescale any sounds in the Novation memory to be as similar as possible to the way they were with the old OS.

eg with OS4.1 for the Supernova, the distortion algorithm has been greatly enhanced. A distortion level setting of 127 in the old OS will correspond to a setting of 020 or 030 in OS4.1 . Any program stored in the Supernova memory which had a distortion setting of 127 will be changed to have a distortion setting of 020 when the new OS is loaded.

If any sounds are loaded in from sysex files after the new OS has been installed which were made with the old OS, these will not be rescaled. In the above example, the distortion setting of 127 will be left at 127and the sound will have a different character to the way it was intended.

If any sounds are stored externally and need to be rescaled, they will have to be loaded into the synthesiser running the old operating system and saved. Then the new operating system can be loaded, the sounds will be rescaled and these can then be exported as a new midi file. If this has to be done with several sysex data files you will need to restore the original OS. This is done by holding down the part 6 button while the synthesiser is turned on. The screen will show "restore O/S from ROM to flash?". Push page up to accept this prompt. The reload should take around 5 seconds.

The steps for this are:

  • Install original OS
  • Load in original sound sysex file.
  • Install new OS
  • Export rescaled sounds.
  • Repeat if necessary
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