What is the difference between a drum map and a drum program on the Nova II?

Applies to: Nova II, SuperNova, SuperNova II

A drum map consists of a group of 49 drum programs + a set of overall effects for the entire drum map. A drum program corresponds to a key on the musical keyboard - eg drum program 000 is the lowest C on the keyboard. In drum map a, the drum program 000 is 909 kick 2. This is shown on the display screen as:

"909 Kick 2
Drum a000"

When this display is shown, all the 49 drum programs in drum map "a" can be played across the keyboard but the synthesiser controls will only effect drum a000 - the 909 kick drum 2 on the low C of the keyboard. eg, reducing the filter cut-off will only affect drum a000. The only exception to this is the effects controls, which are global across the entire drum, map and are stored in the 049 drum program. With OS2 for the Nova II there are now 5 pre-programmed drum maps a,b,c,d,and h. Drum maps e,f and g have been left initialised for user drum maps.

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