How to route MIDI data from a sequencer out through the X Station via USB.

Applies to: X-Station

The X Station can function as a USB MIDI interface to allow you to trigger external MIDI devices (e.g. hardware synths) from within your sequencer. You will need to connect your external MIDI device(s) to the MIDI ports on the back of the X-Station. Also ensure that the X-Station is selected as the MIDI output in your sequencer. Finally press the 'global' button on the X-Staton to enter the global menu and use the 'bank/page' buttons to scroll to the 'USB To MIDI Out' page. Use the 'data/value' encoder to select whether the MIDI data from your sequencer is routed to MIDI out port 1 (-1-), MIDI out port 2 (--2) or both (-12).

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