My device won't connect to my Windows computer - Error Code 10

Applies to: All Products

A Windows error code 10 indicates a failed driver installation or hardware error.

This error may appear if a device has insufficient power to operate correctly (e.g. plugged into a bus powered hub with other devices), the device's driver software (where applicable) has not been installed correctly or may indicate a more serious hardware problem. It may also be indicative of USB root hub drivers being incorrectly installed.

If you see this error then it could be owing to a faulty USB lead, hub or even a faulty USB connector.

  • Try connecting your device to each USB port on your computer.
  • Ensure you're connecting to a USB port on your computer directly (not via a USB hub).
  • Try connecting with an alternative USB cable.
  • Ensure you have all of the relevant driver software installed for your product.
  • If your product has a power supply, ensure it's connected.
  • Check that the connector pins on the products USB port have not been bent.

If you try each of these steps and the error code continues to appear then contact us for further support.

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