Patch and Bank changes on X-Station

Applies to: X-Station

The bank select buttons (labelled 'BANK/PAGE') on the X Station works by sending a CC0 message value 0 followed by a CC32 message (selected value) each time either button is pressed.

The 'PROGRAM' buttons send a CC0 message of value 0 followed by a CC32 message with the value selected by the 'BANK/PAGE' button and also a program change message with the program value selected by the buttons. (i.e. a change in program is always preceded by the bank data)

If you see that the 'prog/page' buttons always force your synth to a particular voice type e.g. GM or Keyboards, or that the bank select encoder does not select a bank on your synth then consider the following:

On some synthesisers CC0 messages select the voice type, CC32 messages select the bank and program change messages select the patch. Normally to change voice type you will need to send a CC 0 message followed by a CC32 message and a program change message - just sending a CC0 message will not do anything. Likewise to change the bank you must send a CC32 message followed by a program change message so that it can change to a particular sound in that bank, sending only a CC32 message will do nothing.

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