How to set up keyboard zones on X-Station

Applies to: X-Station

The X Station can be split into four keyboard zones. For each zone you can define the keyboard range, transpose, whether the MIDI data is sent out of MIDI port 1, MIDI port 2 or via USB, the MIDI channel, velocity curve, whether that zone responds to the pitch/mod stick and also turn aftertouch on/off for that zone.

The keyboard zones can be saved with a template or you can set them globally so that they are permanent no matter what template you select for the knobs/sliders/buttons. Using the Template editor software is a quick way of setting up these zones, alternitivaly hitting the 'Global' or 'Template' button twice will access the 'Keyboard Zones' menu. The 'page' and 'cursor' buttons are used to navigate through the various parameters mentioned above.

Note: you can simply hit the requiered keyboard note to set up the high and low values for each zone.

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