What is the TouchOSC Circuit template?

This template allows you to connect your iPad directly to Circuit via USB and a Lightning to USB adapter. This gives you two-way Midi communication of all displayed parameters. You can record in to the Circuit sequencer directly from the app and see this instantly displayed back. This is a very useful tool to show the automation being used in a session. 

The layout of the Circuit template is as follows.

The first two rows show the eight performance macros, one for each of the two synth parts.

The remaining three rows are divided in to the four drum parts. These allow instant control of drum patch, level, pitch, decay, distortion and EQ.

The two columns to the right are send controls to the reverb and delay. Above these are the global filter cutoff and resonance.

The Help Centre article linked below explains how to get this installed on your iPad and running with your Circuit. You will find the Circuit TouchOSC template there to download.

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