I see the error 'Device "Automap mixer" is assigned to Midi port "Automap Mixer" which is not present' when I open Logic.

Applies to: Automap
If you're seeing the error message:
'Device "Automap mixer" is assigned to Midi port "Automap Mixer" which is not present'
When you open Logic, it means that Logic has been unable to detect the virtual Automap Logic mixer port. Generally this is caused by Automap being closed while Logic's still running or Logic being opened before Automap's been opened.
The guide below describes how to resolve this issue. The Impulse has been used in this example but the article is applicable to other controllers too.
First, ensure you have the latest version of Automap installed from here.
Once this is done please connect your control and ensure that an image of
it appears in your mixer/plugin mappings window:
Now can you work through the Automap setup guide for Logic. Ensure that you click the 'Enable Plugins' option on the first page of the guide to allow automap to control
your plugins.
When you get to the 'Logic > Preferences > Control Surface > Setup section of the guide, you may already have the Automap Mixer icon in
Logic, if this is the case, delete and click the 'New > Scan All Models¹
option again. This will refresh the connection:
To see the Mapping of your controller to Logic, open Automap, navigate to the
Mixer/Plugin mappings page and click 'Edit Mapping' with the relevant
'Thing' selected.
If you load a plugin into Automap, when the 'Plugin' button is lit you
should be able to control it using the rotary encoders. You can view the
mapping for this as well on the Mixer/Plugin mappings window by selecting
it and clicking 'Edit Mapping':
Now Save your Project, close Logic, then close Automap. Next re-open
Automap and then re-open Logic. You should still be able to control Logic.
Remember, always open Automap manually before opening Logic and always
close Logic before closing Automap. This allows the correct virtual MIDI
ports to remain in place.
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