Where can I download the TouchOSC iPad app?


You can find the TouchOSC iPad template from the link below.

To use this you first need to install the TouchOSC app from the Apple App Store. Once this is done follow the method below to load the template to your iPad using iTunes.

Open iTunes and plug your iPad in via USB.

Select the iPad button from the categories at the top left of the page.

Click on Apps and scroll down the App list until you get to TouchOSC and click it.

You will now see an Add... button. This opens a file window where you navigate to the location of the template. (this will be in your downloads folder)

Now open TouchOSC on the iPad and press the button at the top, right of the screen.

Select 'Layouts'  then 'Circuit TouchOSC BW. Press 'Done' when finished. 

If the editor does not communicate with your Circuit check if Midi Transmit and Receive is ON. This is done by turning off Circuit, hold the SHIFT button whilst turning in again. The two left pads should both be green, not red.   

Press the play button to exit.

If you have any problems please contact Novation Support.


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