How do I clear Drum Macros in the new 1.3 firmware for Circuit?

Choosing a drum sound no longer resets your drum macros (pitch, decay time, distortion and filter) back to their default values. This allows you to hear the effect of pitching and distorting your drums while auditioning different drum patches.

The new way to reset a drum macro is to hold CLEAR and then rotate the drum macro knob CLOCKWISE until it turns BLUE. This is great if you have changed the pitch of your drum sound and would like to restore its original pitch value.

This also works with drum automation. If you are in Step Edit Mode (Turn record on while the sequencer is not playing, and go to the Drum Velocity view and select a step) then the above technique will write the default value of the macro to the selected step.

This can also be used when the sequencer is playing - you can use the momentary record feature (hold RECORD down) to write some automation to a drum track and then use CLEAR + turn knob right to write a ‘default value’ automation point to the sequence. This will ensure the rest of the pattern plays as normal.. Don’t forget to release RECORD before the sequencer loops back around or the earlier automation will be cleared!

Be careful not to turn the knob anticlockwise by accident, as this will clear the automation!

Clearing automation works just like it did before, except that the drum macro knob needs to be turned ANTICLOCKWISE while pressing CLEAR. It will turn RED to confirm the automation has been cleared. This will clear the automation from the whole pattern, or just from the selected step if you are in Step Edit Mode.

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