How can I reinstall all of my included software on my new computer?

When you register your product all of the necessary and optional (bundled) software that comes with it is added to your Novation account. Your interface is not 'linked' to one specific computer by completing the registration process, if you change computers or reinstall your operating system then you can reinstall your software using the steps outlined below.

Reinstalling Drivers/Control Software

There are two ways to do this, you can either:

- Log into your Novation account, then click 'Downloads and Activation Codes' below your product and click on the download link there.


- Navigate to the Downloads section of our website, select your product from either dropdown list and then click on the download link on the page that opens.

Reinstalling Ableton Live Lite

If you've already installed Ableton once before, simply log into your Ableton account - you'll be able to download the installer again from there.

If you need any further assistance then please contact Technical Support

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