Differences between Launchpad Mini, Launchpad and Launchpad Pro

Applies to: Launchpad Mini, Launchpad MkII, and Launchpad Pro

All 3 units are 64 Pads MIDI controller and compatible with Windows, Mac OS and iOS devices. They all includes Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station virtual instrument and 4GB of Loopmasters samples.

Launchpad Mini vs Launchpad MkII
The Launchpad Mini and Launchpad are all USB bus-powered units. The user only needs to connect it to the computer to sufficiently power the unit. Note for iOS connectivity, the powering of the Launchpad MkII will require a powered USB hub. For the connection, the Launchpad Mini uses the micro USB connector. Both devices will include a cable to connect to USB Type A ports.

The main difference between the Launchpad Mini and Launchpad Pro is the RGB light system. The Launchpad MkII has the RGB light system that allows a more expressive and integrated display (e.g. colours of Ableton clips have a similar colour display on the hardware). For the Launchpad Mini, it does not have the RGB light system and contains only 4 colours (Green, Yellow, Orange, Red).

In a short conclusion, the operation between the two devices will be the same. Due to the smaller size of the Launchpad Mini, it will be labelled with numbers and letters while the Launchpad MkII has selections labelled.

Launchpad Pro
The Launchpad Pro extends the main features of the Launchpad Mini and Launchpad MkII. Although RGB and offering same control over Ableton, the Launchpad Pro adds velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch, expanded note mode for advanced instruments playing (chromatic and scales), additional editing functions for extended use in Ableton, Ableton Device controls and a host of options for standalone use (e.g. MIDI I/O connection) making it a grid-based controller that offers options outside of Ableton.


For further information, here is a comparison chart for the Launchpad series.

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