Reason 10: Setting up you Novation MIDI Controller: Launchkey

Applies to: Launchkey, Launchkey Mini

Windows & Mac

The Novation Launchkey is not compatible to Automap so setting up the keyboard in Reason follows a few different steps. Our guideline here demonstrates how to get the Launchkey products all setup and synced to your Reason 10 projects:

First thing we want to do is open our PREFERENCES menu located under the EDIT drop down windows



Click on the ADD button



Select NOVATION from the Manufacturer's options list



Select LAUNCHKEY KEYBOARD from the 'Model' field- here's how the setup will look before selecting OK to apply the settings



Make sure the instrument of choice is properly routed into Reason's Rack. There are several ways to accomplish this. We have illustrated below a very simple approach to audio routing using Reason's Mixer where Subtractor is routed to input 1



Tutorial video:


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