Getting Started with SL MkIII // Components


The steps outlined in the article below are the same steps that are covered in the video above. 

I’m going to walk you through Components, and how it integrates with your SL MKIII. Components can be used to manage user content on your keyboard such as templates and sessions, change settings on your keyboard and update your units firmware.

Components is a web based service, which you can access by going to Please note that you will need to be using Google Chrome to use the Components website, since other browsers like Firefox and Explorer do not support web MIDI.


Alternatively, Components is available as a standalone app, which you can download from the ‘Downloads and Activation codes’ section of your Novation account. The functionality is the same as the website.


Now ensure that your SL MKIII is connected via USB and powered on. Select SL MKIII as the device that you are using, and then you will be walked through the features of Components by pop up windows. Feel free to exit these for now, you can go back to them by selecting ‘tutorial’ here.

On the left hand side, you can log into Components using either a Facebook or Google log in. This allows you to store your backups and different settings from any computer with an internet connection.


You can manage your packs on the left hand side of the screen here, you can manage your templates and sessions from the ‘My SL MKIII’ page, you can create and edit templates in the ‘Templates’ tab, you can check or update your firmware version in the ‘Firmware’ tab, and there are a collection of support resources under the ‘Help’ tab.


Here are some further tutorials which walk you through the features of the SL MkIII in more detail:

SL MKIII Playlist

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