Launchpad Mini Bundled Software

As the owner of a Launchpad Mini, you have access to a range of software tools to assist you in making your own music, including music production software, plug ins and samples.

Below, you will find information about each piece of software, what it can do for you, and where to find it. The steps covered in this article are all explained in the video above.

Ableton Live Lite

  • Ableton Live Lite is a custom version of the popular ‘Ableton Live’ music production and performance software.
  • Live Lite comes with a range of built in, royalty-free sounds which you are able to use in your tracks.
  • Live Lite also integrates closely with the Launchpad, giving you a ‘hands on’ experience with the software.
  • The download link for your copy of Ableton Live Lite can be found inside your account, under the ‘Downloads and Activation Codes’ tab or on a card included in the box with your Launchpad.


What are plug-ins?

A plug-in is a small piece of additional software that works inside a digital audio workstation, such as Ableton Live Lite. Plug-ins tend to either be an extra instrument that you can use inside your software, like a synthesiser, or audio editing tools, like EQ, compression, reverb and so on. 

Novation Bass Station Plug-In

  • Novation Bass Station Plug-In is a monophonic software synthesiser, modelled on Novation’s classic ‘Bass Station’ hardware synthesiser.
  • The Bass Station Plug-In can be used inside your DAW to help you achieve a professional analog bass sound.
  • It’s easy to use straight away with the range of presets for you to get started with, as well as giving the more experienced user the flexibility to create their own unique sounds.
  • The download link for your copy of Novation V Station can be found inside your account, under the ‘Downloads and Activation Codes’ tab.



  • Melodics is a desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers such as the Launchpad, and drums.
  • This interactive learning process is a fresh alternative to traditional music theory lessons.
  • Regardless of whether you’re looking to produce your own music, or perform using the Launchpad, improving your finger drumming skills will enhance your workflow, and help you to make the most of the time you dedicate to music production.
  • The download link for your copy of Melodics can be found inside your account, under the ‘Downloads and Activation Codes’ tab.


Novation Loopmasters Samples

  • The Novation Loopmasters sample pack is a newly expanded library of royalty free audio loops for you to use in your music.
  • Samples are simply audio files like .wav files which you are free to use inside a DAW, such as Ableton, to make your own music.
  • The pack includes samples from a wide range of contemporary genres – blues, funk, hip-hop, techno, DnB, house and many more.
  • With this many samples at your fingertips, you’ll never be stuck for sonic inspiration, whether you’re looking for a starter sound for a new track or that certain ‘something’ that’s missing from your current work in progress.
  • The download link for the Novation Loopmasters Samples can be found inside your account, under the ‘Downloads and Activation Codes’ tab.

Loopmasters_x_Novation.pngTo log in to your account and access this bundled software, please click here and log in to your account. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Novation Technical Support by clicking here. 

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