No sound from my Launchpad

Applies to: All Launchpad

The Launchpad is a MIDI controller, primarily designed around controlling Ableton Live for instrument control and clip launching. 

MIDI data is control data that can tell software what to do and can be used to control sound but does not contain any sound itself. 

In order to get sound from your Launchpad please make sure Ableton is set to use your desired output (i.e. sound card or laptop speakers) in the Preferences > Audio settings. 

Please ensure that your Launchpad is set following the settings advised in its user guide.

You can then load on audio clips to lanes of Ableton or select an instrument to control. This can all be done on the left hand side of Ableton's interface:


Screen_Shot_2018-07-26_at_16.57.58.pngIf you would like more guidance please see our getting started videos: 

If you are still having issues please contact our technical support team here: 




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