Using a Launchpad Arcade project inside Ableton Live

The steps outlined in the article below are the same steps that are covered in the video above. 

Once you’ve become familiar with triggering loops in Launchpad Arcade, using the project inside Ableton is a great next step towards becoming familiar with music making software.

All of the Launchpad Arcade projects are designed to be compatible with any version of Ableton Live, including Ableton Live Lite, which comes for free with the Launchpad.

If you do not have Ableton Live installed, then follow the steps in this video to do so.

1) Go to Here, you will find a range of Launchpad Arcade projects for you to play.


The following projects are the best to use inside Ableton: Harry Coade - Found Sound, Novation - Clap Trap, Novation - Hazy Beat.

2) Click next to the name of the project in order to download the Ableton Live set (see screenshot). This will now appear in your downloads folder on both Mac and PC.


3) We recommend making a file structure to keep your projects organised, and make sure that Ableton can find all of the files that it needs to run the session. 

On both Mac and PC, you can do this by going to Documents/My Documents > Right click in empty space > New Folder > Name this folder 'Launchpad Projects'


4) Then, open Ableton Live. On the left hand side in the browser, you will see an 'Add Folder' button, click this. 


Then, navigate to the Launchpad Projects folder that you just created and click open. This will allow you to access that folder from inside Ableton Live.



5) Now, we need to unzip the folder that you downloaded, and put it in to the Launchpad Projects folder. 

On a Windows machine, you need go to your downloads folder and right click the downloaded file > Select 'Extract All' > Tick 'Show extracted files when complete' > Press 'Extract'.


Then, either drag and drop or copy and paste this extracted folder in to the Launchpad Projects folder.

On a Mac, simply double click on the zip file to unzip it. Then, either drag and drop or copy and paste this extracted folder in to the Launchpad Projects folder.

6) Next, return to Ableton Live, click on the Launchpad Projects folder on the left hand side of Ableton Live and navigate to the file that you just put in to that folder. 

Double click on the .als file to open the session.


This project is now open and ready to use.


If you have any further questions, you can contact our technical support department by clicking here. 

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