The mod sequencer on my Mono Station doesn't do what the User Guide says...

Since the release of Circuit Mono Station firmware 1.2, the Mod Seq page can be used as a modulation source and as a dedicated CV sequencer for the CV output. These features can be accessed via the Note and Velocity sections, respectively, of the Mod Seq page. For more information on sequencing external devices via CV, please see the video below:

To use Mod Seq as a modulation source, we first need to program a pattern on the Mono Station. This can be done on either the OSC 1, OSC 2 or Mod Seq pages.

We'll use the Mod Seq page for this example, if you want to use the OSC 1 or OSC 2 pages, you will have to copy the pattern onto the Mod Seq page to use this feature. For more information on storing and duplicating patterns see pages 50 - 52 of the Circuit Mono Station User Guide:


Press Mod Seq to open the modulation sequencer page and program a pattern in the Note section. 

After programming a pattern, we need to change the modulation values, to do this press Velocity and adjust the velocity of the steps in the pattern, for information on how to change velocity values, please see page 38 of the User Guide. This will now send out modulation values as described in the User Guide. 

To apply modulation use the Modulation Matrix. Select the modulation destination from the buttons on the right and then change the source to Seq. 

Now the parameters are set, the knob will control the depth of modulation applied to the modulation destination.

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