I downloaded an Ableton set from the internet, but it won't open in my copy of Live Lite?

There is a large and diverse community of Launchpad users online, each using the Launchpad in different ways.

Some users offer a download for the Ableton set they have used to make their content. You may find that opening the set you have downloaded you see an error message such as this: 

This likely means that the set contains features limited to the full Suite version of Ableton. Many lightshow projects will contain MaxForLive devices which can only be used in Ableton Live Suite. 

This means you would need this version of Ableton to play these lightshows. For more info please see here: 

You may also find that when opening sets from the internet certain sounds do not play. This is likely because Ableton is not able to find the audio files originally used to make the set. 

This may mean you need to download the files and then direct Ableton to look for the files. This process is described here: 

If you are still having issues then please contact technical support by clicking here.

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