How can I manually update my Peak's firmware using a Mac computer?

Applies to: Peak

We recommend updating the firmware of your Peak using Novation Components. Components is available at and a standalone (non-web based) version is available in your Novation account once you have registered your Peak.

Components is a content manager for Novation products including Peak and is the best way to ensure that your product is up to date with the latest firmware. It also allows you to backup and restore your patches and other content from your device.


If you would prefer to update your Peak manually, please carefully follow the below instructions:

1. Download the attached '' file from the bottom of this article and un-zip it. You will find two files contained within it, 'Peak-352.syx' and 'PeakFpga_353.syx'.

2. Ensure the USB cable from Peak is connected to the computer. Start Peak in Bootloader mode by pressing the 3 buttons on the left side of the screen while powering-on the Peak.

3. Install and open Sysex Librarian .

4. Whilst it's in Bootloader mode, select “Peak Bootloader” as destination in the top drop-down menu in Sysex Librarian. Then drag the “Peak-352.syx” file (from the attached folder) into the main window.

5. Highlight the file and press Play to send the firmware to the Peak

Peak will display the “% Received” of the firmware (WARNING the firmware update may not be finished when 100% is displayed – please wait for the bar to complete in Sysex Librarian to confirm the update has been sent successfully).

This may take 5-10 minutes to complete. The Peak will restart in Normal mode once the Firmware update is completed. Do not turn off the computer or Peak or disconnect the USB cable

6. Once the above is completed, select “Peak” as the destination in Sysex Librarian and drag the “PeakFpga_353.syx” file (from the attached folder) into the main window. Highlight the file and press Play to send the FPGA to the Peak while the unit is in Normal mode. This may take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Peak will display the “Fpga Block” as the FPGA gets updated.

7. Once the above is completed, turn the volume dial fully anti-clockwise and disconnect any audio/MIDI cables from the back of the Peak. Go the Settings. In the 2nd System page, launch “Calibrate” to initiate the calibration of the unit.

This may take 5 minutes to complete.

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