Sound Collective April - D16 Nithonat

This article will explain how to claim the April/May Novation Sound Collective offer for the Nithonat drum machine for free as well as a coupon for any single plug-in with 50% discount (bundles are excluded).

If you would prefer to watch a video click here.

1. Log in to your account at the Novation website and see the D16 banner:Screen_Shot_2019-04-02_at_16.00.51.png

Click Redeem to reveal your code, make a note of this and click the link to the D16 user area: 



Once in the D16 user area, you'll need to either log in or make an account:


Creating an account requires clicking an activation link which gets emailed you so be sure to check Promotion and Spam files. 

Once logged in, please click Redeem Gift as shown: 



Here you can enter the serial we provided you in your Novation account:


Click next:




2. You'll then be taken to your account where you can see your licenses, you should see one for Nithonat:


Please click download and pick the appropriate download for your operating system: 


Please then click Activate to download your license file: 


Once downloaded please run the installer:


With installation complete and the license downloaded you should be able to find the plugin in your DAW of choice - some DAWs will need to use an instrument track for this rather than an audio track: 


If you are using Windows and do not see it then please check the steps in this article which illustrate how to check the folder you are looking for plug ins in is correct: The Bass Station plug-in is not showing in my DAW

You'll then see this screen: 



Press activate and find your license file downloaded earlier: 


Select the file and click open and you should see: 


You're now ready to use the plugin:


3. An email will have been sent to you when you redeem the license for the plug in to give you a code for the 50% discount: 


Once again, be sure to check Promotion and Spam folders for this. 

If you are still having issues after watching the video, then please contact technical support by clicking here.

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