Why do my synth patches sound wrong after switching sessions on the Circuit?

Applies to: Circuit

If the problem occurs when switching to a session during playback, but does not occur when the session is loaded while the transport is stopped, then the following explanation may apply.

When loading a session during playback (cued or instant session switching), if a synth track in the new session shares the same patch number as the corresponding track in the old session, then Circuit will not load the new patch for that synth part into the synthesizer. This is to allow synth notes to be sustained across session switches to make performances smoother. (The macro values and synth keyboard octave are loaded as usual.)

To fix this problem, either ensure that the patch numbers are different when switching sessions, or ensure that the same actual patch contents are stored in the two sessions when the patch numbers match. Alternatively, stop playback before loading the new session.


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