What Controls are Added to the Bass Station II UI in the 4.14 update?

This Applies to: Bass Station IIs with the AFX 4.14 Update

The 4.14 update allows you to use overlays to change the patch settings per note. If you have any other questions about this update please see here: 

The main features of this update can be accessed using the following key combinations, please see the user guide for the update for detailed explanations of the settings and further tweaks that can be made.

Bass Station II 4.14 Update User Guide

We've done our best to try and make these features as easy as possible to understand and use pushing the Bass Station II to its limits, if you have any ideas about how we can make the process of using these any simpler, please let us know!


- Loading Overlays

By default, no overlays are selected in each patch. To select a bank of overlays:

Hold Function and press the Arp-Swing key twice.

Choose from o-0 (no overlays), and o-[1-8] (overlay banks 1-8).


- Saving Overlays

Each bank of overlays (1-8) must be saved individually to do this go to:

Overlay menu (Function + Arp Swing twice) > Press Save


- Copying/Pasting Overlays to different keys.

Press and hold Function + Transpose (in that order) > Press and hold a key (Copy) > Press another key (Paste).

CPY will show on the screen when copying PST will show when pasting.


- Protecting (Read only) Overlays

Hold Function and press the Seq-Retrig key twice

On the Screen, change r-0 (read-only disabled) to 1 (read-only enabled).


- Fixed Duration Sustain Envelopes

Hold Function > Press the Amp-Env or Mod-Env key Four Times > Bank to d-1


- Envelope Retriggering Count

Hold Function > Press the Amp-Env or Mod-Envkey Three Times > Bank to [C1-16]to set the number of loops.

When set to c-0 the loops will be indefinite when the key is held.


- Glide Divergence

Hold Function > Press the Input Gain key Twice (g-0) > Select from g-[1-15].

When glide divergence is enabled oscillator 2 will always glide more slowly than oscillator 1. The selected value determines how much more slowly oscillator 2 glides.


- Extended Sub-Oscillator Tuning

Hold Function >  Adjust the Course/Fine tune Controls 

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